The Lincoln University Council has established an Awards Committee to consider nominations for the conferral of higher doctorates honoris causa and to establish guidelines for honorary degrees. The Committee considers nominations and recommends recipients to the Council.

The available honorary degrees are:

  • D.Com – Doctor in Commerce
  • D.Nat.Res – Doctor of Natural Resources
  • D.Sc – Doctor of Science
  • D.SocSci – Doctor of Social Science honoris causa

Nomination Forms

Please do not attach any other supporting materials, including Curriculum Vitae, as these will not be considered.

Nominations for 2024 are due by 31 August 2023


Award Nomination Criteria

Nominees are assessed on the following criteria:

1. The nominee has achieved very high distinction in his/her field, whether or not that field relates to Lincoln University specialisations. The achievement is considered under the following categories:

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources;
  • Arts, Culture and Sport;
  • Commerce;
  • Environment;
  • Māori;
  • Politics;
  • Recreation and Tourism;
  • Science and Research. 

2. The nominee has established connections with Lincoln University due to one of the following:

  • Being a graduate or diplomat;
  • Being a former member of the Lincoln University Council; 
  • Being a former staff member; or
  • Other connections with Lincoln University.

3. The candidate has the potential to enhance the public profile of Lincoln University or its areas of specialisation or to inspire the students of Lincoln University by being a role model.